I’m a natural born leader, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’ve lead several different organizations, clubs, and events. I’ve been part of special leadership groups, but after a talk with my mom last night, I have finally realized what two of my biggest faults of being a leader are- 1) I take on all jobs on myself and 2) I don’t let others do jobs because I feel that they won’t do them like I think they should be done.

My mom informed me that I get both those faults from my parents- my dad being the person to take everything on himself and my mom being the one who thinks others can’t do the job to the highest par.

See because I do both, I work myself way to hard and I”m sure that there are many who stand in the shadow waiting for me to ask for their help. Yesterday, when an employee relieved me for break, she asked if she could do anything for me. My first response was no, while the list of things to get done kept growing. I then saw the pile of laundry that needed to be folded. So I offered that to her, she gladly accepted and today when she came, I had a job available for her.

I could continue to work myself to death and say no one ever helps. Instead, I’m daily going to challenge myself to ask someone for help or allowing them help when they offer. It’s not easy, but as a leader, I often wonder if I am leaving a leader in the shadow because I am neglecting them.

Mission- stop neglecting, start needing.



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