Dear Berea senior class

Dear Berea Seniors,
Four years ago we walked in front of Hutchins together and entered the world of college. It was the beginning of the hardships, the lessons, parties, and hangouts. From reading periods to being evacuated off campus- we stood by each other no matter what. We became a community. Some of us, like myself left for various reasons but no matter what “God has made us of one blood” and so we shall forever be.

See many of you will graduate in December or May. You’ll walk across the stage, hold that degree up high and be proud of the fact your now a college grad, but then what? Many will go out looking for work- I pray it’s there. Many will face the harsh reality that the job market isn’t what it use to be and that degree you just spent 4 years working for is now a piece of paper in a fancy folder- don’t give up hope. Strive daily to pursue your dreams, you never know when the next phone call, email, or conversation contains the key to unlocking it. Hold tight to the lessons you learned at Berea. Be thankful your education costed you less than the average college student. Pay your debt off soon, you don’t want that weight to always hang on your shoulders. Seek advice when needed. There is always some one who is older, wiser, and more knowledgable. When you get a job in the real world, praise God for it but don’t forget how good you had it in college. Remember to live sustainably, this is the only Earth we’re given. Above all, never forget the people who made college good. Whether that is a friend, a professor, an employer, a RA, or just Mrs. Pat- there will be days you miss them and just want to hear their encouragement.

I miss you class of 2012. I am proud of your accomplishments and success. Make this year amazing.

Your friend,



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