Toddler’s Football

(note: the following is what happened today at work. All children’s names have been substituted with their nickname given by me)

It was outside time. The game was on. The first YT game was about to go down. Between the fences, on the grassy woodchip turf- 6 lil boys battled it out. QB Tigger called the shots, got his crew together and called “GO!” they ran and passed and finally Menace yelled ” Touchdown!” Well Romeo rallied his boys, and kicked the ball off.Stewie picked it up and ran the heisman all the way. Old Man, he wasn’t down with that. He picked up the fumble and ran into the end zone, without ever being caught.

It was a great day on the gridiron, full of tears from poor sportsmanship and cheers from victory.

It’s a great day to be  a Toddler.



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