Kid Ministry Challenges

I love leading children. I love standing on the stage or sitting in the small group in an intimate setting. But this morning as I was getting ready to take the stage, God decided to teach me a lesson.

Every week in children’s ministry all around, we challenge kids to memorize bible verses, to bring friends to church, and to tote their bibles. But every week, we jot down a reference and leave it for later rarely looking back. We rarely open our mouths about the gospel and the Sunday Service and we often rely on the screens to provide the scriptures for us.

We set up false standards for kids. We encourage them to memorize the scripture but how many of us really are committed to learning the word of God? I know I’ve failed at this. Recently I have decided to work more on learning the scriptures but not as hard as I should. I do still bring my Bible to church but I haven’t invited someone to church in months.

Kids Ministry challenges me to be better, to be greater, to practice what I preach. I have a lot of children who look up to me, I also have a God who looks upon me and wants me to live according to His way.

God says to “hide his word in our heart” “to mediate on it daily” and “to go spread the good news of Christ that all may know”. That’s our mission.



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