This past month in Kid’s ministry, I’ve seen myself perform at less than 100%, in fact it was close to 50 if not lower. When I look back, I see missed opportunities, I see times when I could have been a little more clearer and when I could have been a little more on my A game.

See, often in kids ministry, we wait to the last minute to get things ready for Sunday. We don’t mind reading from the script, skipping parts, or just breezing through things. But let’s imagine for a second that we were talking about main service. We expect those who teach main service to spend a large amount of time preparing for Sunday. We expect them to rarely glance at their notes, to not skip a beat, and to be on their A game. We expect them to be thorough, precise, to captivate us, to empower us, and to challenge us. We want to leave knowing we learned something. We should do the same for the kids.

I know I’ve slacked off and after this reality check, I’ve made the commitment to give it all or nothing. If I can’t devote 100% to the morning I lead, then I don’t need to be there. I know that’s harsh but it’s true. Sure, most of the kids don’t come in expecting specific things, but their parents do. And just because the kids don’t, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them something that really applies to their life.

For the longest time in my life, I’ve desired to serve children so that they can accept Christ and grow to live an amazing life with Him. I have seen many children accept Christ and now, I am helping teach them the truth about God. These children are the reason I serve. Every Sunday, I go upstairs and I have kids who want me to listen to them. They value me. If I’m not willing to show them that I value them by giving them the best service every Sunday, then I am failing them.



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