My week

It’s been a while since I posted. A dear friend of mine weekly posts what made her week good. This is what last week looked like.

…having a great Parent Curriculum night

…meeting Vince Dooley

…maple bacon doughnut froyo at menchies

…having children run to me with their arms open and smiles

…parents informing me that their children love me as their teacher

…making a homemade peach cobbler for the first time

…buying Cheerwine and Ale8 in GA

… an empty inbox

…owning three pairs of pearls

…cute outfits

…wonderful women’s nights

…cartersville breakfast

…scuppernogs with old men

…kiddie day parade

…Sam Jones history

…beautiful ballet

…wonderful lunch with people who are dear to me

…new series at church

…worship that brings tears

…football ( Georgia Victory and hoping for an Atlanta victory)


2 thoughts on “My week

  1. It looks like you had an amazing, fun- and blessing-filled week! Love it! Except for the sound of maple bacon doughnut frozen yogurt. Really??? =)


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