Life Long Leaders

I can remember my first year at IMPACT. I remember meeting my close friend Katie Mitchell. I remember falling in love with Will Goodwin.

I also remember Becca Bradford. Becca wasn’t even my leader, yet we became very close. After that week we saw each other one more time, and since 2005  I haven’t seen her again. Even though distance has kept us from seeing each other, our friendship stayed strong. Becca has been there through different parts of my life and always shows up when I need her. She’s an inspiration, an encouragement, and a warm ray of sunshine in my life. We may never see each other in this life again. But I know that we’re only a text, letter, or tweet away from each other. That summer in 2005 I also met another beautiful person in my life. Jessie Pollett. Jessie has always been a beam of support. From the first time we chatted I knew we’d stay in touch. Once, Jessie drove from Athens to Cartersville just to spend 2 hours with me. She also let me stay with her when I came to tour UGA. Jessie invested in me. She laughed, cried, and smiled with me. Through many trials, she pushed me on. Through heart ache, she showed me the true comforter. Through confusion, she reminded me of truth. Even though we haven’t seen each other in a few years, she’s still only a call away. FCA camp- St.Simmons Island brought another leader in my life. I had just left IMPACT and was now at FCA camp. My leader- Erin Brookerd ( now Smeltzer) was the only other person from GA.Funny thing was my leader in the previous camp had been Erin’s friend.

We spent the week sharing stories. Erin was also a person who encouraged me to write. A lot of what she said to me, helped in the creation of this blog. While Erin and I haven’t been the closest, there’s still a lot of her inspiration in my life.

The last leader I’d like to shed light on is Jessie Marshall ( now Kilpatrick).


My last year of FCA camp was spent in KY. I met this amazing woman of God who didnt mind if I sat in the hall with her at 3 am and poured my heart out to her. She was there to cheer me on, to push me to be greater, to be a woman of God, and to live a life pleasing to Him. She reminded me I was a child of God, his precious daughter. She and I still occasionally check in with each other.

These 4 women came into my life and haven’t left. God works like that. He knows the people we need and know’s how long we’ll need them. Each of these women have inspired me to be great, have challenged me to new things, and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I’m thankful for their influence in my life, because I know without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.



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