The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden. It was a childhood novel and movie that was on repeat in my house growing up. It took a new meaning today.

Today as I sat with eight sleeping children sweetly snoring around me, God began to show me how I am like the secret garden.

See, my heart, holds the garden. I have been seeking for years to find the door to find what my hearts true desires and beauties are, but until now have only fallen among shrubs or just didn’t care to venture deep within.

Once my heart looked like this. Dead, decaying, and void of light and life. A simple memory of childhood hung in the middle, reminding me of what life was like. But then. Life began to grow.

I allowed God to work on my heart. As He worked, life grew within me.  I saw my beauty for what God had created me to me. I saw my capability and my hearts desires. I watched as He poured living water into me, so that I would never die. I sat quietly as He pulled the darkness away and shone light into the areas that needed it most. I cried as I watched Him pour His son into me so that I could be free. I loved Him, as He created a place for us to just be.

One day though. He’ll hand me the key. Only when I’m ready though. He’ll hand me the key to allow me to open the door.

My heart will be ready for the presence of another. However he must be willing to seek, because the garden door, though unlocked. will still be hidden.


I am a secret garden. Filling with life, waiting to allow another to come in. For now though, I’m quite content with just my Father and me in my secret garden.





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