Lunchtime Learning

It’s been a stressful morning. I got caught waiting for 2 trains, was stuck in behind a bus, waited in 3 different traffic lines due to schools, and then was half a mile from work and stuck in traffic from an accident. All morning I’ve been running around crazy trying to control my class. I’ve had to correct them on the same thing over a hundred times. As I took a deep breath I muttered to God ” Why can they just not get it?” as if I was pleading for an ounce of sanity.

As I exhaled I heard Him speak. ” My child, these children are much like you. How many times must I teach you a lesson before you truly get it? How many times must I discipline you before you change your ways? Have patience. Sit and teach and love. Do as I do with you. Offer grace to these children because they are learning. Remember what I say in Proverbs -Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

I sat there stunned. I have to train these children. Now I can’t really teach them the word of God, but I can teach them to obey rules, to be respectful, and to control themselves. This training though will not be an overnight thing and require repetition, but have faith, with more training comes less departure.




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