Taught by Toddlers

It was diaper changing time. Which in my class is the most chaotic and stressful time of the day ( and it happens 4 times a day.) For some of my older kids ( 18-24 months) I ask them if they are ready to be changed. This helps reduce water works when I remove them from playing or reading. I asked one particular child and he replied ” No, E goes first” so I changed E.. then the twins, the girls, the other boys and that left A. I asked A again, he said no. I told him I had changed everyone else, now he had to be changed. As I walked towards him to pick him up, he began to ran away from me, and to the corner. I smelt him before I was able to pick him up. ” How long had he been sitting in this mess?” Surely not long by why would he just want to sit in it and then run from me when I offered to clean him? In that moment God taught me something- often in my own life, I wanted to sit in my mess longer and even ran from God when He offered cleansing.

How many of us look at our mess and let it build. We let the mess to get bigger, harder to clean, and painful before we are willing to get clean. What if we asked God to clean us up when we first got in the mess, how different would our lives be? How much heartache are we putting on our lives simply because we don’t accept God’s offer for cleansing.

What mess do you need to take to God and have him wash away?



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