Growing Great Kid’s review

Let me preface this review by saying I’m not a parent, but I am a director of kids and interact with them daily. I do desire to be a mom some day, which is why I wanted to read this now.

Growing Great Kid’s by Kate Battistelli was a book well written. It makes you think, it calls you to prayer, it pushes you to action. For parents who want the best for their kids, this is a book worth reading. What I find special about this book- it’s its based on what Kate did for Francesca. It’s a real story packed full of wonderful advice and lessons that we should all take to heart.

As a person in ministry of today’s youth, I walked away knowing that each child that comes through the church doors has gifts and callings uniquely and divinely placed in their life- and their parents and I should be cultivating them. This is a process, but one that, if we want the best for these children, should be pursued daily and with great effort. Our words should affirm, our actions should motivate, and our prayers should be big- just like the dreams God has placed in their hearts.

So, for the parents who want their children to become everything God has made them to be, this is a book for you. It’s not a secret formula or plan, but simply advice from one mom who’s daughter is now a role model for many young girls.




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