Quick update

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. For those who check in regularly- I’m sorry. Recently I’ve been re-evaluating my priorities, and while I love blogging, it’s just not a top thing. So here’s 5 things in my life right now that are going on:
1)Ministry- ministry is booming. God has been teaching me how to communicate well within a church, how to lead, how to be led, and how to reach out to a community that’s far from Him. I daily am learning from Him but through this I have found myself at a new level with God
2)Gardening- I’m loving learning how to grow things and God is teaching me MAJOR things through this- I have several blogs waiting to be wrote out of this. So far my fav thing in the ground is grapes. Can’t wait to see them bear fruit.
3)Friendships- When you learn the meaning of friendships, your able to value them more. Friends are meant to be investments, not dependents. I love investing in those God has placed in my life here in Dallas.
4)Photography- I’ve gotten a few shoots lately that have been fun. It’s still just something I’m dwindling in
5)School- School has been crazy. Taking a term off then going back was the hardest thing ever. Why? Homework. I forgot how to study, how to prioritize and now with everything else my college life is much different than before. I’m also considering transferring to an online university due to the length of time it’s suppose to take me here at KSU.

Through everything. I’m learning that God’s way is ultimate and in everything I am to glorify Him. If it doesn’t bring glory to God, then it’s probably not something I should be investing time and energy into. When we realize that we were created to bring Him glory through our lives, it changes the way we live. Which is exactly what I’ve experienced lately, and I’m excited about it.



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