I got my first taste of summer camp in 2003. It was SuperWow, it was fun, it was the beginning. From there I went to Impact, FCA, and MFuge. I loved camp. I loved the friendships, the memories, and the bonds I made with counselors. I remember thinking then about becoming a counselor. Fast forward to college. I’m eligible, but something always kept me from being able to work camp. I had almost given up hope on working at a summer camp.

Until I met my friend Kaitlin. When Kait talks camp, she lights up. She introduced me to Camp Juliette Low through her memories, photos, and songs. I loved what I heard. I spent days on the CJL website learning more and more about camp. Then Kait called saying they need counselors. My application was in within days and my interview followed shortly.

I’m excited to announce that for 5 weeks this summer I will be a camp counselor at CJL. I will sleep in a platform tent, I will breath in fresh mountain air, I will camp, hike, teach, swim, do crafts, and sing until my heart is content. And then I’ll do it again.

If you know me, you know I love the outdoors. Which is what first drew me to CJL. But add in the rich traditions, the all girls camp experience, the shorts and tshirts, and beautiful mountains- and it’s a no brainer. I”m excited to be able to work at a camp with such great history, a great mission, and simplicity of wanting girls to experience nature and everything it teaches.

So here’s to being a camp counselor. I guess I need to sharpen up on my friendship bracelet skills, learn the campfire songs, and prepare myself for a wonderful summer.

“Way up on Lookout Mountain…”


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