Social Networking Overload

We use Facebook to get history on our friends. We use Twitter to know the 411 of the celebrities who we talk about as if they are our best friends. We use Instragram to give artsy insight to our daily lives. We use Pinterest to dream up the things we want, wish we looked like, and the vacations that will never be. We are a culture of social networking, and we seem to be on overload.

Gone are the days we find about a person from actually engaging in real face to face conversations. Gone are the newpapers we read, the cards we sent, and the secrets that were shared with those whom they were meant to be shared with ( not the whole world.)Gone are these days.

Now conversations last 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. They include words like “status”, “timeline”,”tweet”,and “feed” Now I’m not saying that these things are all bad, because I use them myself and they can be handy in circumstances but I believe we have created a problem- we run to social networks first  to meet our needs instead of actual human beings or even God.

We sit on Facebook for hours, then complain we never have time to read God’s word. How about we put our face in HIS book before we scroll the walls of others.

We spend hours on Pinterest dreaming of a life we’ll never have and asking God for things we think will make us happier, more successful, or more productive. How about we start counting the blessing we already have and start asking HOW we can use those things. If He wanted you to have the things which you think are better, they would have been yours. Use what He gave you, before you lose it.

Social Networking is a great tool, when used wisely. But to often, they cause distractions, cause sin, and pull us from the life that God created us to live. So live the life God gave you, use these tools wisely, and stop tweeting about how you were going to stop tweeting and just stop.




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