It’s all relational

We are relational beings. We desire marital relationships, family relationships, friendships, and eternal relationships. But more often, we reach to our earthly relationships before we reach to our heavenly one. We reach for the shoulder of our friend before we reach for the hand of God, and so often we get left in the dirt.

We attempt to build these friendships and believe that they are the “best” and that they will last, and yet one wrong move can send them tumbling. We build all relationships up, and often create idols out of them. We put them before God. We break a commandment and yet don’t realize we do this.

We do this, when we pick up the phone to call our friend before we dial God in our heart. When we fill our life with family plans, leaving little to no room for our Father. When we would rather sit and text with our friends over engaging in time of prayer with God.

I’m not saying relationships are bad- God created them for us. But when we misuse them, they do become sin. Relationships centered on Christ, that work together to glorify Him, and that come after Him, are ones that were created by Him. He never intended your husband to be over Him. Our relationship with Him should be the most important relationship in the world.

Are you placing others before God or are you allowing God to direct your relationships?


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