All of us have something. Something that inhibited our relationship with God. With our Father.

Deceit. Impurity. Grief. Worry. Lust. Gossip. Vanity. Despair. Sickness.

No matter what it is, we all feel trapped. Tangled up in this sin, burdened by the load we bare.

God offers freedom- but not without a fight.

He sends angels to fight demons on our behalf. Angels who offer hope.

In that moment, we realize our need. Our need for a savior who can rid us of these chains and free us.

Sometimes we feel alone

But Jesus offers healing. He offers to come fix us.

He gives us grace and love- even we feel that we don’t deserve it. We are made clean through His love.

Christ does all of this- for one reason: so that we may worship Him freely.


Praise God for the healing and freedom He extends to us. May we seek Him so that He can restore us. It is only once we’re truly restored that we can worship Him in truth and glorify Him with our life.


*all photos taken by me, the dance featured came from Steps of Faith Dance company at their Spring Concert. Please do not reproduce without permission*



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