The Women Who Did it All

Way back when God thought me up in His heart, I’m sure He knew this girl would need a lot of support. He knew I’d need more than my mom to bring me to Him, to raise me to be a woman of God, to teach me His ways. So before He put me on this earth, He placed these women there first. He molded them, He grew them, and He divinely placed them in my life at key points so that I would turn to Him, returning to my Fathers heart. It is those women whom I am forever grateful for and, who I write this blog to tonight.

23 years ago, my mom began her second trimester with me around Mother’s day. She had already had a miscarriage once so I’m sure making it to the second term was a relief, but she knew it wasn’t over. She would soon discover that I was a piece of work. Nothing could have prepared her for the emotional person I was. Nothing prepped her for the ER visits, the yearly cries on the last day of school, the drama, heartaches, or nightmares. But she embraced it. She did the best she could, by herself. With no mother to support her. She had no one to look to, so she did what she thought was best. I learned a lot from my mom, and as we grow, I continue to learn from her. I am forever grateful for the multiple jobs she held, the long hours she worked, the amazing meals she cooked, and the life lessons she instilled in me.

I met Michelle through church. I taught her children and we soon served together. Over time our friendship grew. We got closer. Then my mom and I experienced some hardships and Michelle took me in. While Michelle never replaced my mom, she did become someone I looked up to. Michelle mentored me, encouraged me, pushed me towards God, and also helped me restore things with my mom. I will never forget the nights with Michelle and her family, the tears we shed together, the laughs we had, the trip to Florida shared, or the memories made.

Julie stepped in and out through the course of several years. Then, it was like BAM! and our relationship grew overnight. Julie was someone who listened, who offered advice, loved me even when I felt unloveable, and just showed me Jesus in everything. Julie believed in me in things I never saw myself fit to do. She pushed me to doing photography for her studio- and that’s all I want to do now. While we may not see each other often, I know that she is a short text and Starbucks away.


Heather and I grew in our friendship through her children- I adore them. I helped teach them and babysat them. Then Jody asked me to intern at their church, so I started staying at their house. I’m sure that in these past months, our relationship has grown tremendously. We chat, laugh ( apparently I do lots of funny things), and I get to help her with her children. She is my direct role model for a Christian mother and wife. The biggest lesson so far- no day is perfect, every day is for trying, and everyone is in need of love.

There are countless others- Lynn, Dana, Suzy, Stephanie,Kelly- all of these women who in one way or another pushed me to Jesus. They were there in the hard times, the times when I wanted to give up. They were the voice I heard saying “You’re doing great, we’re so proud.” They offered support, encouragement, and homes to stay at. God knew I needed them all. I needed them, so that I would come to know Him young, and learn how to glorify Him as a mother and wife.

Thank you ladies. For the late nights, the meals, the beds to sleep on, the children to love, the lessons taught, and the love given. I speak for my mom when I say I know she is grateful as well. Happy Mother’s Day to you all.



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