A Lesson on Ms.Kaela

If you’ve spent any time around me you know that I go by Ms. Kaela 99.9% of the day. In this, I’ve learned something:

Almost half of the time it’s used, I’m the one saying it- although when I say it, it’s in Third Person.

“Ms. Kaela wants you to bring that to her”

“What does Ms. Kaela say?”

It’s as if I’ve created  an alternate being that I put authority in. Why couldn’t I just say ” I want that” or ” what did I say?”

Was what I saying valued? Am I valuable?

Truth be told, after being confronted with this, I uncovered the secret. The key to Ms. Kaela. Ms. Kaela was created, because I never felt the love, value, or care. What I said was taken advantage of, wasn’t believed, or trusted in. I felt unloved because no one believed me or treated my words with value.

I began to place value in this being- Ms. Kaela.. but my true identity-my value is found elsewhere.

It’s found in Christ.

See, when Christ redeemed me from the live I was living, He showed I had value. He showed I was loved. He showed that I was cared for. Regardless of what the world may show, He showed my worth. At the end of the day, no one on this earth may love me, care for me, or think I’m worthy of anything- but Christ does. He does day after day after day. And it never ends. Never.

When God created me, He knew I would be His- that alone makes me worthy, I am the daughter of the King of Kings/
When God created me, He knew He would send His Son for me- that alone shows I’m loved, He was willing to watch His Son die the death I deserved.
When God created me, He knew my needs and He daily provides them- that alone shows I’m cared for, He even cares for the flowers of the field.

At the end of the day, where do you see your worth? If you seek it in the world, you’ll never find it.

Let’s stop creating Ms. Kaela’s and start living as the being’s God created us to be, it is there we find our worth.



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