Camp Training Day 1

Camp training has began. I made it up in a little over an hour yesterday. When I arrived I simply said ” I am Kaela Bostic” and had four people shout “KatieO’s friend!” I have met girls who are looking at going to WGU and a girl who also taught a family I taught at the preschool. I learned how to tie flaps, learned how to navigate camp, and now am on Central time. I have picked ticks off me, I’ve had tons of bugs on me, and I’ve cleaned like crazy. I woke this morning at 5:30, and camp doesnt really start til 7. I’m very thankful I am out in the woods because crazy me left her keys in her car door over night! That was a great place to find them this morning. Overall everyone is super friendly, I’m loving the nature, and I’m anticipating the rest of summer!







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