Camp Training Day 2

Words can’t describe what sleep felt like last night as I watched lighting flash across the sky, illuminating the trees below that we’re a sanctuary for our tents; as I heard thunder from the distance that would give you chills, and as the rain progressed from heavy sheets to light dribbles, which almost sounded like people running through camp.
Yesterday the biggest lesson I learned was simply this- We do things- TOGETHER. Everyone helps. When we do kappers, we do them together. Everyone looks out for everyone else.
I’ve already learned the magic of this place. I skipped my nap to go play in the lake during rest hour- it was worth it. I learned about different girls life’s over kappers. I was the boss at carrying cast iron and pushing the daisy cart. I learned what a latrine is. I found ginormous crickets and wolf spiders of all sizes ( even killed a giant one in the shower so we could all bath in peace). Each day camp gets more exciting. I learned what a CJL special is at lunch. So here I sit, still earlier than the wake up bell, listening to the chirping of birds, a random rain drop falling through the trees, and watching the sun burst through the leaves- beckoning us to join it today.



3 thoughts on “Camp Training Day 2

  1. And for those of us not familiar with camp, kappers would be…?? Glad your time at camp is starting out wonderfully! =)

    1. Kappers are daily chores so to speak. Each camper is assigned a task that they must complete daily. Some general kappers are washing,rinsing,stacking,and dipping dishes after each meal, sweeping, cleaning various parts of the unit( bathrooms, trash, cleaning their own tents) as well as other places around camp. It’s a way that everything gets done and no one person does it all. It teaches both responsibility and respect. 🙂


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