Camp Training Day 3

Day 3 can be summed up in one word- Learning. I don’t think I stopped learning from morning until bedtime. Here are just some things I learned:
How to chop wood,how to tie knots, how to build an A frame fire, how to lash( secure two things together with just rope), how to make friendship bracelets, how to prep and cook an entire meal outside, and camp songs.
My favorite part might have been supper. We had chicken poppyseed, rice, 7 layer bean dip, strawberry salad, and veggie pouches. For dessert we had apple crisp and homemade ice cream. Everything was cooked so well and so delicious! After supper we went and made another camp fire and had s’mores and sang camp songs. I loved hearing all the voices harmonize and just fill the night sky. Can’t wait to hear all the young voices join in with the singing in a few weeks.




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