Camp Training Day 5

Yesterday morning began with rain. It fell slowly when we woke but soon increased its rate. It’s funny how here we all enjoy the rain and are thankful for it, while often in the real world we seem to think it to be a bother. After breakfast we all gathered in the lodge to hear more about Juliette Low and her founding camp. This is the 90th year of existence! I learned that Juliette’s aunt was Eliza Stiles, from Cartersville. Julliette would come up every summer and play on the Stiles plantation. It intrigued me because I know where that is, and I’m sure many of my Cartersville readers do as well. After morning meetings and lunch we watched a movie called the “The Golden Eaglet”. It is a film made in the early 1900’s about Girl Scouts and had pieces about camp. It was a silent film which made it even more fun to watch. Camp hasn’t really changed much, we’ve just grown and added things. I enjoyed a nice walk to the swinging bridge and just was at peace as we laid there listening to the gentle water rush over the rocks. This camp is rooted in tradition and I’m learning that this week. Last night began our Reunion weekend. We have so many people here! I love listening to all the stories of camp and hearing all the lines of daughters who have come to camp. At dinner I met a set of sisters- one came to camp here and the other went to camp in Massachusetts but was actually counseled by Juliette! After dinner we enjoyed some folk dancing and had a great good night circle( we hold hands and sing 4 songs together then say goodnight.) I held hands with a 5 year old and 6 year old. As the group began to sing, I heard the 6 year olds voice begin to rise and she was singing the words. She stumbled over a few but got them for the most part. This child was to young to attend camp but had a long line of girls in her family who had come to camp. She was ready for camp- and even told me that. It was then I knew I was ready for campers to arrive. I can’t believe I’m leaving today but it’s comforting to know that I am coming back to a family I now know and love.20120602-175349.jpg



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