Camp Friends

It’s amazing to me how in one week friendships can bloom into something that you miss. In high school, it took weeks if not months to learn enough about someone else for me to care this deeply. I guess the difference is in the living and doing life together. Camp gives time to put away the distractions of technology and have those long conversations. It allows time for stories and tears, laughter and fears, and just simple questions to be answered. What I also love is how these girls accepted me.  Most of these girls have been doing the camp thing together for many years ( like 13 years) and to have someone new come in, not knowing the ways or traditions, can be a frustrating thing. But they welcomed me. They helped teach me the ways. They accepted me for who I am. I watched myself transform through the week from a shy and not confident person to an outgoing, upbeat, and confident person.

So as I sit in my bed, I think of my friends. Many are out tonight, sending me texts of how I’m missed, and I can’t help think of how long it’ll be before I see them again. Some, only 5 days, others weeks. I’m thankful for these friends. I  can be me around them. I don’t have to act a certain way or impress them with anything. They accept me for me, what more could I ask for?




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