Half way up the mountain yesterday the clouds broke loose and I guess they are pretty full because it looks like they will be pouring for a few days. It barely has stopped raining since I got here. This wouldn’t be a problem, if say kids weren’t coming today. But they are which makes this even more messier. The great thing from all this rain is that our swimming hole will be nice and full. On top of the rain last night I spilt my entire bottle of water on my freshly made bed, so I had to sleep in my sleeping bag.
I’m excited about kids arriving. I am thankfully in the unit I requested- Romany ( youngest girls) and I have an
awesome staff to work with. we have a bunch of cool things planned for them and hopefully all the rain won’t effect it to much.
All in all, I’m happy to be back at camp. When I came in I was greeted with some of the biggest welcome backs and hugs. I’ve already been requested to teach sewing ( and to mend staff clothes) and a fellow counselor and I may teach photography.
So here’s to a rainy week. May the kids find the sunshine from within and not let the clouds win the day.



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