I’m a camp counselor….

Tonight I sit writing in the office with my headlamp on, chacos proudly strapped to my feet, wet hair, from a pool, that hasn’t properly been washed in 2 days, drinking a coke, and waiting for laundry to be done so I can have cleaner clothes than what I currently have on. It’s been a long week. There has been lots of learning, new experiences, funny sayings, and frustrations. It’s like I’ve spent the last few years preparing for this summer. From the 3minute showers, changing in front of others, doing life together, to the high patience level, ability to deal with homesickness, working with those you live with, and my natural kid like energy- I was made for this summer. It’s not been easy, there have been many moments when I just had to close my mouth ( and sometimes eyes) and just breath. When you work with others, you have to respect each other. You may not agree with their leadership, but you should work through it. You may just want to sleep during your rest hour, but your super eager 10 year old wants to ask 40 questions about their secret sister- who is someone you don’t even know. Camp is a unique place.It takes a special person to be able to work there. You need to be able to be mom, nurse, exterminator, teacher, leader, friend, and role model all in one.

So I thought I’d shed light to a normal day at camp. I’d love to hear what other camp days are like.

7:00- Wake up bell ( pray you make it to this point, if you have young children, you may be woken up earlier)
7:30- Colors( your campers will make getting there hard, they will not stay quiet, and they may place their hand on the wrong side)
7:45-breakfast( be thankful for CITs so you can eat with people your age, and get a breather from campers)
8:35-kapers( get campers to clean the unit, camp, and their camp- all before they go to classes. Be prepared for stragglers, girls who do all the work, and lots of questions of what class the girls have and who is going to horseback)
9:30- first period ( If your lucky, you make it there on time. You may be teaching or assisting a class, some days you have a plan, others you just go with the flow)
10:30- second period (repeat)
11:30 third period ( guess what, your going to repeat again)
12:45- lunch ( mass chaos, make them drink water before tea and CJL specials, scouts bites, and singing entailed here)
1:45- mail call (pray you get some, and your campers do to- usually their mail out numbers yours)
2:00- REST HOUR ( most girls don’t rest, it’s more for your benefit, just hope they are quiet and that no one has balloons)
3:00- rec hour ( usually spent at the pool. Race your campers, do belly flops to make them smile, and sit in the sun)
4:00- unit hour ( can be stressful if your campers don’t cooperate, usually rushed to make it to shower hour)
4:50ish- shower hour( get 26 girls showered in 40 minutes and dressed for dinner)
5:45- Colors(repeat morning colors)
6:00- Dinner( chaos again, more singing)
7:00-Free time until program time
7:45ish- program time ( whether it’s unit or camp wide- ensure for a fun time and pray for your campers to get sleepy)
9:00- Taps( goodnight circle, attempt to keep campers quiet on path back to unit)
After taps- get all girls to go to bathroom, ease homesickness, remove bugs from tents, say goodnight to all tents, and hope all your girls stay quiet
11ish- you finally drift off to sleep once your campers quiet down and your paperwork is done.

You work long hours, sleep little, shower even less, and smile often. You get chills when you listen to a room full of girls hold hands and sing goodnight songs. You watch young girls develop skills like leadership, trust, respect, and responsibility. At the end of the day you know that what your ultimately doing is leading these girls to become strong women.

I love camp. Camp welcomed me, they made me feel at home, and they loved on me. I’m blessed to be counselor.



One thought on “I’m a camp counselor….

  1. You are very right – it does, indeed, take a special person to be a camp counselor with that kind of schedule and those kinds of demands. With your patience, love for children and Godly kindness, I think you’re definitely one of those “special persons.” Good for you for serving in a place where your gifts can be a blessing to others (especially when those “others” are young girls). =)


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