Camp Memories

One of the biggest things about being a counselor is making memories. You want these campers to go back home and tell stories and dream of returning to camp. I loved listening to the memories that so many of these girl’s mothers had of when they were a camper. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite memories of second session at CJL.
1) A camper suggesting bloody mary’s for our drink at cookout- then trying to describe it to the group as “tomato juice and something else”
2) Learning all the words to “Boyfriend” from a 10 year old
3) Making up goodnight stories
4) Counselor step aerobics during kapers
5) Introducing NSync and Backstreet Boys to these girls
6) Singing ” Call Me Maybe” at least 10 times a day
7) The camper who told me she has ghost eyes and can see me when I’m 100 years dead
8) Dealing with girls who hypnotize each other
9) Singing ” Cowboy’s Lullaby” and ” Wisdom” to campers before bed
10) Hair brushing and braiding parties
11) Dancing around the camp fire
12) Teaching girls to sing ” It’s Your Life”
13) Baby boats
14) ” Romany always knows whats up”
15) Watching girls confide in me and learn that they can trust me
16) Having girls cry on my shoulder
17) Showing girls how to conquer their fears
18) “It’s a latrine not a jungle gym!”
19) Winning Swimming and Diving in All Camp Day
20) Showering 26 girls in 45 minutes



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