If you knew me before now

If you would have known me when I was in elementary school, you wouldn’t believe I am who I am today. I once was a shy little girl. It especially came out in middle school. Sure I had friends, but I was an awkward girl. I didn’t know how to fit in. I would roam the halls of middle school, try to poke my head into a group of people who I thought were my friends to try to fit in, only to find I stuck out like a sore thumb. In high school, I hung out with the band nerds but during the day I kept to myself. I actually talked more to my teachers than to my peers. As the years went on and I developed more leadership skills, I learned the biggest truth about myself:

I was never made to fit in.

I wasn’t. I still don’t fit in. I look awkward at a party because I don’t know how to dance. I don’t have the latest clothes to make me look cool. I am a nut. I have a crazy, child like energy that comes out when I’m around them. I would rather spend time with adults than people my age. I just don’t fit in here.. but there is somewhere I do fit in.

I fit in God’s family,

That’s where I was made to fit in. I don’t stick out, look awkward in group photos, rub people the wrong way, or have to worry about how I dress, because He knew everything about me when He created me to be part of His family. I can only imagine what He was thinking then. ” Dear child I know your going to be misunderstood. You’ll one day know where you fit in, then you won’t have to worry about this world. Until then, know your loved, your cared for, and above all else- know your mine.”

I’m His. I was when He created me, when I was wondering through life trying to figure out who I am, and I am now as I dwell with Him as my Father.

Don’t worry about fitting in to this world, chances are you were made to fit in here anyways. Be who you are, It’s who God created you to be. That’s who He loves.



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