These are my mountains

Camp is in full swing and I couldn’t be more pleased with how this session is going. I absolutely love my unit. I’m back in Romany and instead of having 26 girls I only have 12, which means we get to bond a lot more. Our girls are so independent and great campers. It was already day one and we mailed out 26 letters and were a pixie unit- GO ROMANY! Tonight we gathered around the camp fire, made s’mores, sang our secret and required songs, and even added in a rain dance and Noah’s ark in hopes of rain. Tomorrow morning we’ll all gather in our red,white, and blue as we celebrate our independence. One thing I absolutely love about camp is that every day we take the time to raise and lower the flag and pledge our allegiance. It’s a great time of unity as we as a camp are just silent together and we fix our eyes on the flag to remind us of what it means to be free.

Some cool things about this session so far:
I am working with a great group of counselors ( one of which is one of my new greatest friends :])
The crafts director had so much confidence in me from second session that she recommended me to lead crafts first week while she’s out
Today while explaining rules in crafts- I told the girls that I didn’t want to fire any girls this session, just clay- they laughed
I was a gangsta in our opening skit as well as a puppet for our real crafts director
My mom and dad are visiting tomorrow
I’ve got a workout buddy and we’re committed to working out every day
My tervis tumbler came in- it’s the only one I own and I’m in love
I tried ranch today for the first time in like 8 years- and I like it
Our girls like to collect wood- for fun( Big deal here- usually Romany despises collecting wood)

Camp is a blast, it’s my new home away from home, when I’m here I’m at peace. I’m free to be me. It’s a wonderful and beautiful place. 



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