You are not your past

Last night I sat with boxes before me. These boxes held old journals, notes, cards, and stuffed animals. There were old bottle labels, I sore were memories. Inside these boxes sat 15 years of memories, pain, encouragement, and regrets.

As I began to look through the rubble, I began to hear God speak. One by one He said let go. Let it all go. Every card, every journal, every stuffed animal, just let it all go. I had held on too long.

Up until last night there was a fear in my heart. I was afraid that if I got rid of the notes and cards then it would mean I was no longer loved or that whoever sent that to me no longer cared. In that moment, God spoke louder ” My love is thicker than this paper. It endures longer than the ink filled words. It never ends or gets old. My love is forever”

I learned I am not my past. The things I thought defined me, don’t. I don’t need the old words from friends for the encouragement. I don’t need the bottle cap from the World of Coke to justify me being there. Those items will all fade away, but the memories will last in my heart.



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