To my future family

Dear family,

When I woke this morning, you were on my mind. As I prepared breakfast with the family and helped children get dressed, I began to pray for you. One day, I will make breakfast for you and chase you around the house. I will dress you and you will run to me to brush your hair.

For my husband, I pray for a firm foundation. I pray the Lord is preparing your heart now for the day we shall meet. He has already selected you for me. Strengthen your relationship with Him now. I will look to you for guidance and expect you to help me teach our children biblical truths. You will be the head of the house. The Lord will be the center of our marriage. The joining force, the truest form of love. We’ll seek Him every day and encourage each other to grow more in love with our Father. We understand that our marriage is the representation of His love for the church. 

For my children, I pray for protection. I pray the Lord is preparing to send you to the earth. He knows you will come through me and is loving on you for me until then. When your here, I will teach you how to love Him again. You see when you enter this world, your love for our Father get’s lost. Your father and I will spend time in prayer that you would convert early and love Him deeply. You will enter under the covenant that God makes with us and will be raised learning truth. The Lord is already working on me to be shaped into a wonderful mother, and I know He is doing the same to your father. I will love you and will teach you how to love. I will let you experience pain, it will hurt but you will grow from it. I won’t force you to be someone you don’t want to be. I will love you. Always.

To my future family, I am waiting. The Lord is working on me to prepare me for the right time to meet you. 




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