If you know me, you know I struggle with my weight. I’ve suffered eating disorders, I’ve been on diets, I’ve worked out, and I’ve also sat on my butt. I’m done. I”m over it.

I’ve been presented with an opportunity. A challenge. The local kickboxing gym in town is offering a Biggest Loser Challenge. Participates are given 30 sessions as well as personal trainer time. In the end they run a 5k for a prize as well as to claim the title as the Biggest Loser. But something stands between me and the challenge.

$100. That’s it. Oh and the fact that there are only 3 spots left.

I’m the only one who would be competing that is my age. I may be young, but this is the best time to get in shape. I weigh 223. I should weigh between 111-146. I need this.

So here’s my plea- sponsor me. I need 10,$10 sponsors, or 20:,$5 sponsors, or 100,$1 sponsors. I need your help. Help me achieve a goal.

I will receive optimal training, nutrition guidance, as well as huge accountability as I work towards a life long goal of wellness.

The Challenge begins Sept 1.

Email me if you want to support me:kaela.bostic@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “$100

    1. Hey girl! I am thankful to say that God has sent enough supporters my way that the fee is now covered. I start classes on Monday and begin working on my plan with the trainer as well.


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