Let’s Kick the Weight Goodbye!

I am thankful for what happened today. Several women stepped up and sponsored me and then I found out that the trainer had been saving me a spot in the competition- I knew then that this is what God had planned for this next season.

So as we venture into the holiday season when everyone is loosing up belt after meals and curled up by their cozy fires with smores, I’m going to be kicking my weight off.

I go in Monday for my first class and to meet with the trainer. Heather and Jody have already covered the accountability at the house and I know it’s going to be intense. No cheat days, no days off from working out. It’s time I commit 100% of the way- for me, for God, for those who graciously sponsored me.

It’s going to be rough. I’m going to be tempted. I’m going to want to hit snooze on the alarm at 4:30 when I have a 5am workout. The workout is going to be painful, but every drop of sweat, every ounce of energy I have to muster up, every gallon of water I drink, and every minute of sleep I loose- will be one more step to victory. To health.

So I wanted to leave you with the big reason’s I’m doing this.

1) My immediate health. I’m on the border of being diabetic. I don’t want to continue this vicious cycle. As well as my knee and back pain- I suffer because of lack of core strength.

2) Me. I want to look and feel good for me. It’s not selfish. In fact by making myself get in shape it stops me from coveting the image of others because I learn to see myself in a healthy light.

3) My future husband. I want him to be attracted to me. I don’t want him to look at other women and wish he had that.

4) My future children. I want to be able to live long and play hard. I want to enjoy life with them every day and not have my weight be a disabling factor.

5) My relationship with God. I want to learn true discipline. By acting in physical discipline, ultimately my spiritual discipline becomes stronger because I know how to endure. How to push through.

6) To set an example. I want to be an example to all Early 20s women to say you can achieve this. You can beat the eating disorders and learn how to loose weight properly. You can get rid of that weight that you’ve been putting on during college. It can be done. You can overcome the obese culture we are so accustom too.

So for the next 4 months, and the years after that, I’m committing myself to health. I’m committing myself to enduring the pain, sweat, and tears. I know that the end will be victorious and that it will be pleasing to God. Thank you for those who are supporting me. I could not be doing this without you.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Kick the Weight Goodbye!

  1. I am so proud of you for making this commitment to yourself. For yourself. I’m sending lots of prayers of encouragement, and don’t forget to find success and pride in even the smallest accomplishments…whether it be small losses seen on the scale, small gains seen at the gym, small choices made for healthier eating…because one small thing after another will add up to amazingly big results! =)

    1. Thank you so much! I am excited to see the small successes that will lead to that end result. I’m thankful to live in a home that is pushing me forward and helping me reach this goal.


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