Signing my Life Away

I went to my first class yesterday. Upon leaving the gym I was handed my packet of information for The Biggest Loser. In it I found my contract. When I sign it, I will sign my life away.

I will be saying goodbye to being over weight, to size 16-20, to “needing” that sweet at night, to “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I can’t”, and to laziness. When I sign it, there’s no going back.

No going back to running out to the store, only to pick up snacks and eat them quickly before I get home.
No going back to hiding the candy in my room.
No going back to saying I’m going to workout downstairs, only to sit on facebook for an hour.
No going back to eating junk at work.
No going back to being ok with having to pay $2 more because it’s a plus size.

There is no more.
Instead I’m gaining the push in the gym from the trainer.
I’m gaining the disciplined eating that will reinforce what I’m doing in the gym.
I’m gaining a new life.

I don’t know what life is going to be like in 3 months. But I know this, it’s all about to change. These months are about overall health, and for once I’m doing this for me. I’m signing my life away only to find a new one- one in which I can live and experience life in it’s fullest.

I’m ready. Friday can’t get here fast enough. This is only the beginning.



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