“Ms. Kaela, why are you so fat?”

“Why are you fat?”
“When is your baby coming?”
“Why are you so big?”
“Did you eat to much?”
“Why are you squishier than mommy?”
“My daddy weighs less than you do”

These are just a few of the random questions children have asked me in the past. With everyone I have to put on a smile, explain myself, and try not to cry all in the same moment. It hurts. Children are curious. They don’t mean to be rude or question but they want to know what makes me so much bigger and squishier than their mommies and daddies and when I’ll have my baby. Through the years, I’ve learned how to make this a learning experience:

” I’m fat because I didn’t eat all my vegetables and watched to much tv as a kid”
” I’m bigger than your daddy because I eat more candy than him.”
” I’m squishier because I didn’t exercise a lot as a kid and didn’t make healthy choices”

The questions still hurt, but God has shown me that I can help children learn to make healthy choices while they are young so hopefully they continue down a path to a healthy lifestyle.

I’m fat for now, but not for long.



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