Weighin- Week One

After a week of very few workouts (3 in all), no diet to follow, and lots of nannying I woke early and drove to weigh in. I had periodically weighed myself during the week and was impressed by what I was seeing but I still was excited to see the number I saw on the scale. 217.4. I dropped 8.2 lbs in a week. With little changes to my diet and even some cheats in there and some exercise , I had made progress.

I have calculated it out. Over the 13 weeks of this challenge , if I maintain a weekly weight loss of 5.8 lbs I will reach my goal weight. After weigh in we had our weekly challenge of running the mile, but this wasn’t your typical mile. At each 100 yards we had to stop and do a different cardio exercise. Not only did we do that but every person also pulled our trainer on the harness for 2 minutes. It was tough. I ran hard and was the last to be on the harness. I ended up having to go up the hill with him. I could feel my knees shake and my shins start to give. I couldn’t stop though. Every time I would go into a walk, he’d yell at me to get going. It was a never ending battle to the end- but I did it.

After weigh in and the challenge I had to go spend the weekend at a festival. Now Saturday was my cheat day. Being at a festival- that wasn’t hard to cheat. I got fried oreos. I savored them. After my treat I began to start crashing. I hadn’t had coffee that day and my energy was sinking. So I thought ” coke, that will be ok.” WRONG! I took 3 sips and was made to give it  up. I’m thankful for that person who made me realize I was digging myself into a sugar ditch. I found a booth with coffee and drank it black. Sunday I had brunswick stew and watermelon. I made myself get back on track but I also learned something- for me, there will be no cheat days. By allowing myself to cheat I open the door to saying ” It’s ok, just work out more or skip a meal or go throw up” I will not allow myself to go down that road again.

So if you are near me, please don’t ok it for me to cheat. I’m not tempted by watching you eat it. But when you keep asking me if I want a bit, it then becomes temptation. When you say, one bite won’t hurt, it becomes sin. I want to succeed and to succeed I know what I need to do.

I’m proud of the first week, but it’s only the beginning.



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