Tails of a Peacock

If you look at a peacock, you will probably be in awe of its magnificent colors and beautiful array of feathers. It’s no surprise that these birds want to display their tail ( which can grow to be 5 feet tall) because of the work they put in to keeping them so vibrant.

You see, if you are looking at a colorful peacock, your looking at a healthy one. You’re looking at the peacock who sought out the good nutrients, who cared for it’s health, and who desired to be strong- so he could be found pleasing. Not only that, your also looking at the work of God. You see, the colors of the plumes are not made by pigments but by the structure of the feather. Tiny little fibers that reflect light, and if the spacing between them change in any way- the whole feather color changes.

These things are uniquely and intricate. Just like us.

Last year a dear friend and mentor of mine gave me one of the most meaningful and significant gifts I’ve ever received. It was a wallet with a picture of a peacock- the significance came in that.

See this person had watched my life transform. She had seen the work of the Lord in my life as I moved away from the poor nutrients and fed myself the good word. She watched as I put aside the things that were not pleasing to the Lord and began to want to be desired by Him. She began to show me something that I was so blind to see- my beauty.

Through those trials, through those pains, through the countless nights of running from God- He was moving the fibers of my life closer so that I would one day reflect Him.

He changed me. He turned me from an unhealthy and poor child to an exquisite peacock. One that is strong, healthy, and desires to glorify Him through every fiber of my being. No longer do my colors reflect this world but now my Heavenly Father.

Most of all I have realized my beauty. Through the trials, I began to see the light. I began to see what was in my heart and agree with the truest definition of beauty- that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that God designed me in such a way that would reflect Him.




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