Weigh In Week 2

1.8 lbs down this week for a total of 10 lbs in 2 weeks.. Here’s some other stats for you:

I have lost 3 inches in my bust, 4 inches in my chest, 2 in my waist, 3 in my hips, and 2 in my thighs. All in 2 weeks.

I have been learning to make good choices. I have zoned in and found myself avoiding spots of temptation. I can finally walk through a grocery store and not feel like I NEED oreos, cheetos, coke, or even cheezits. I can give children snacks and not make myself the same thing. I’ve learned to plan ahead and pack my own meals when needed. I bought me a lunch box ( on a fashion note- it matches my weigh in clothes: black and lime green!) Truth is this week was all about reshaping my eating and making wise choices.

I will continue down that path this week and continue changing things that I eat. I’m going to drop the amount of sodium I eat this week and see what that does as well as it good carbs. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.


10 down and 65 to go 🙂



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