“I can’t..”
“I’m tired..”
“My mom..”
“I never..”
“I’m busy..”
“I have work..”
“It hurts..”

Excuses.Those are just a few that I have used. I’m sure the list is longer. I blame others, the weather, my body( as if it’s not me), and my schedule. In the midst of my excuses there was something deeper that was hiding- the fact that I was wrapped up in me. None of the things I needed to get done got done because it wasn’t important to me. I got fat because I decided to eat the junk and not listen in health class. I wasn’t active because I wanted to spend more time online. Personal health was never important to me- until now.

I”m learning now that my health effects others. I’m learning that life isn’t about me. It’s about the glory of God and how I can bless Him through my actions. If I’m getting in shape, it’s not for my own benefit- it’s for the benefit of the Lord and knowing that His vessel can be used properly now. When I blog, it’s not about me sharing my story, but sharing how amazing our Lord is and how He works. This world is not about me.

I’ve made an idol of myself. I put myself before God. I stopped reading my bible because checking Facebook to see if anyone “liked” my recent status was more important. I didn’t pray as I should because I needed to let Twitter know I was about to eat lunch. I got so caught up in this social media mess that I forgot my first love.

Just like Ephesus I turned from God. I put on the image that I was doing great, I talked the talked but didn’t walk the walk. I’m turning back though. I’m reconnecting with my first love and learning the hard pressed lesson of His love. I’m not greater than my master. I have no say in this world. My creator is working in and through me to mold me into the being He designed me to be. I obviously don’t know how to take care of myself on my own which is why He had to step in.

Are you making excuses where God needs to work? Have you gotten so wrapped up in your daily feed that you’ve forgotten to daily feed on the word of God? This world will perish. Those you think you can rely on will fail you. Turn back to God, find your true love again, and embrace the change He’s working in your life.



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