Walking in my old shoes

Saturday morning when I went to weigh in I hit 29.6 lbs lost. Practically 30lbs lighter in 6 weeks and 13% of my body weight is gone. I weigh 196 right now. But Saturday morning during our challenge I went back to being 225.6. During the challenge, each of us had to wear the weighted vest for 8 minutes. It weighed 30lbs.

For 8 minutes I remembered what that weight felt like.

In those 8 minutes I had to exercise like everyone else, try to run like I can now, and sit down and get back up quickly. You never realize how much that extra weight slows you down until it’s gone. In 8 minutes I knew that I never wanted that weight back on me. I was done with it. When our trainer took the weight off, I was so relieved but also anticipated what the next 30 would feel like, and then the last 30. At the end of this challenge, I want to look back, hold that weight, and know I”m never going back because the life I now have is so much more worth it.



One thought on “Walking in my old shoes

  1. Wow, that’s an interesting motivation – to wear a vest that weighs what you’ve lost. That really does sound like it puts all your hard work and accomplishment into a perspective you can be really proud of. Continuing to think of you and send you positive prayers as you pursue your goals! =)


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