The Gain

We’ve been in this challenge for 8 weeks. In 8 weeks I have lost 29.6lbs. This week the numbers on the scale did something they haven’t done during the challenge, they went up instead of down.

Now they only went up .4 and mother nature was fighting against me but I still felt a feeling that hasn’t come in a while. Frustration. I was frustrated that my body was holding onto water and that due to my sciatic nerve I didn’t workout as hard this past week. I was frustrated that I didn’t push through the pain. I didn’t run this past week and I know that affected it. I was frustrated and then had to workout. So I channeled it there.

Every run up the mountain, every squat, sprawl, and punch had a new motivation- don’t let next week be the same. I have 4 weeks left and know that I need to kick it into overdrive. Not because I’m not working hard, but because I’m not working hard enough.

I may have gained today, but I learned a lesson. I learned the feeling that I’ll have when I’m done with this challenge. When it’s all said and done, when the winner walks away, I’ll still have weight to lose and keep off. When I let myself become complacent and not push, I don’t see the results needed to succeed.




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