What the Mirror got Wrong

For weeks I’ve blogged of the successes of this challenge. I’ve posted pictures of my progress and reported my stats. Some things I haven’t shared were my insecurities that I have been struggling with.

When I started the challenge clothes interfered with my workout. If I wore long shorts they messed up my squats and shorter shorts rode up. After two weeks I invested in spandex capris. I was insecure in the beginning. The thought of wearing tight fitting pants and a shirt to workout in was terrifying. But I got use to it. I was able to move more in my workout. Now I have to constantly pull them up because they are too loose. While I was taking picture of myself and could sometimes see little things, overall I still saw a fat person starring back at me.
When you have struggled with your image often your mind holds on to these past pictures of what you look like. While what you see is not reality, you believe it is because its what you see. When I saw the pictures of myself today I was actually blown away. I have check bones and a waist. I know that what I see now is progress and it isn’t the end.

The mirror often lies, don’t let it fool you too.




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