Comfort Food

Yesterday American’s everywhere gathered with family and indulged in food that warms the body and soothes the spirit. Many of the recipes are only made once a year for the occasion called Thanksgiving. They are meals that we look forward to year after year. We boost of Grandma’s sweet potato souffle and Aunt Debbie’s noodles. No matter how many people are coming, we still make double just to have left overs for weeks. We spend 15 hours making the food and consume it in under an hour. All for the sake of “Thanksgiving.”

But let’s image that this food we celebrate, the harvest, was all bland and one flavor. Would we put that much effort into it? Would we still look forward to the occasion or boost of it later? Probably not. See God was generous to us in the sense that He made food good and delightful. Instead of providing us with just the nutrients we need, He gave us plenty of choices. He gave us comfort foods. Foods that we sometimes savor but often just gulp down without realizing how fast we’re eating.

We have become a people that no longer realizes the importance of food. We rely on fast food when we’re in a hurry, we demand food to be made quick and to our exact liking, and we use it fill our needs. Food was never created to be our comfort, it was created to remind us of our dependence on God. Without the creator, we would have no sustenance.

So this year, are you allowing the family recipes to provide your comfort, or are you finding comfort in your dependence on God?



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