The End

The challenge is officially over. It was on December 8th. I finished weighing 177.8. Putting me at 47.8 lbs. I lost 21.2% of my starting weight. But that isn’t the end. I still have 47 lbs to go. The end goal is 135 ( please don’t comment and tell me that 135 is too small for me. We’ve done the research and that is a perfectly healthy weight for me.) Through this challenge I have seen many small changes as well as the larger ones.  The biggest change has been this:

Me Before
Me Before
Me Now
Me Now



I went from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14. I can see many of my muscles now. I have cheek bones. I can wrap a towel around me and there are no gaps in awkward places. I don’t get tired as easily when running with children or after holding them for a long time. I RAN A 5K! I actually enjoy running and have a few more 5ks planned and am looking at doing a triathlon next year. I’ve dropped ring sizes and shoe sizes.  I’ve had people from different states asking me how I did it and what they could do to loose weight. I have seen God use me in ways I couldn’t comprehend. Above all of this I have learned one thing- with Christ nothing is impossible. Nothing. It was through His strength that I completed this challenge, I endured through the hard days, I suffered during the holidays knowing I could only have a sliver of pie, and I faced physical pain.. but it was all worth it. It was worth it because it showed me that this world has told us wrongly what we need to survive.  Women- we don’t need chocolate  during our periods. We don’t. The world gave you that excuse and so we milk it. You don’t deserve a reward at the end of the week for doing well.  You don’t deserve anything. Cheat days? No ma’am. You don’t see a person in rehab getting to drink a beer, smoke a cigarette, or shoot up cocaine because they were clean all week. No, one slip up and they have to start over again. Take weight lose as rehab- you’ve allowed yourself to be addicted to food and have abused it for so long that you now must eliminate all the bad foods so that you can regain control.  How did I lose weight? Sweat and determination. Hard work. No diet pills, starvation, or throwing up. Those diets that say you can have all the stuff you enjoy are not teaching you a lifestyle change- because it’s those treats that made you gain weight. Put the two together- you obviously don’t have control over them.

I’m not saying that sweets and treats aren’t ok to enjoy every once in a while. God created all things and I believe that we have the freedom to enjoy them. But with self control. If you can’t eat just one oreo without eating the whole box, I’d say to avoid them for a little bit until you have some more self discipline. This challenge has shown me that I do have the discipline I need to do what I set my mind to. Above that, I’ve seen an increase in my self confidence. I say  thank you when people tell me I’m beautiful, but I now see what they see. Sure I have my days when what I see in the mirror does not match reality. I think I’ll always have those days. But they are few. I now feel the beauty inside because I know that I am the vessel of Christ. I know that I am restoring this body to what Christ intended it to be and I’m turning away from the lifestyle that Satan had held me captive in.

In the end, I’m free. But I’m not done. So this really isn’t the end, in fact we’ve just got the ball rolling. Thank you everyone who have supported me during this challenge. For those who want to know- I did end up winning the challenge. The second challenge starts Jan 1 and I will return as a mentor to those in the second challenge. I will probably blog more and have meal plans on here as well as recipes. So feel free to stay tuned for that.







3 thoughts on “The End

  1. Kaela, I’m so proud of your hard work and determination. You are right – this type of accomplishment does not come easily, so congratulations to you for making such big strides toward your goal. Can’t wait to see you continue down your path of success!


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