Biggest Loser Challenge: 2

Today officially began the second Biggest Loser Challenge at my gym. There are 11 or 12 women competing and I am so glad I get to come and help them along the way.

Today everyone got a taste of what their next 12 Saturdays will be like- 7:30am weighins, group challenges, and then class if they choose to stay.

With many of the women being new to cardio kickboxing, D took time today to go over proper form and made sure that everyone understood the basic punches and kicks. Form is huge in CKB because if your not doing it proper you could cause injury but also your not maximizing your bodies capability to burn more. I was super proud of the women who stayed for class today. Choices like that lead to great results.

Good luck this week ladies- stay focused and hit your goal next week.

Look here every week for an update on what the women did and how much they have lost as a group.




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