Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 2

This week the women stepped up to the scales once again. Our biggest loser was Tara losing 5.4 lbs! I do not currently know the total amount of all the women at the time but I know they worked hard. In addition to the scale they faced the tape measure. Every 2 weeks the women will have their measurements taken. This is an important thing to keep track of and I encourage all who are on a weight lose journey to go ahead and take them now. Even if you’ve been going at it for awhile, get a reading for today and you’ll be surprised in the change that comes. Measurements often show us what the scale doesn’t. For many women who saw no change in the scale, they saw big numbers in inches. Overall, many women we’re losing on average 8 inches all around. That’s huge motivation right there.

After weighin and measurements we bundled up and headed to the park for the Ultimate Park Workout. What I love about this workout is that you can do it with things you find at all parks and you can do it on your own. I got to lead the women on this one this week which was a joy because I got to know some of them better. We started out with a .5 walk/run. When we got to the base of the hill we started lunges up, walked the stairs down *due to ice, had there been no ice, we would have ran*, then back up. Once they got to the top we did step ups on the picnic tables followed by squat sits (squat down til you sit on the bench and stand up) and ended the cycle with pushups. We did that twice then went into table lifts and thrusts. We walked down the hill and finished with 3 loops of a by-pass run ( last person runs to front of the line.) All in all, we had fun in our 30 minutes and then some of us went back to the gym for D’s workout.

I’m so proud of these women. Seeing them fight to lose weight and encourage each other along the way. There was no complaining or whining today just smiles and motivation to keep going.

Have a strong week ladies. Hit the gym at least 3 times this week, stay active during the day, eat the way you are suppose to eat, drink your gallon, and stay positive!

And if you try to pull out an excuse remember:



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