Super-size, All You Can Eat, BOGO America

McDonald’s wants you to Supersize it
Ryans and CiCi’s let you eat all you want of it
Burger King let’s you buy one and get one free

In our current America- every where you look food is literally being thrown at you.

We live in a world that is caught up in unrealistic proportions and we just accept it. We don’t mind supersizing our meal because it’s only $.69 more. Bigger is better. Buffet’s become the norm. You buy one and get one free and eat both. We don’t know control nor do we know proper portions.

This is what has led to the out of control obesity that has consumed us.

I have officially moved out of the obese BMI category. Let me share my Super-sized story.

As a kid Friday nights were spent at Stevie B’s. I competed with my brother and boy cousins to see who could consume the most plates of food. I usually at between 4-6 plates of pizza ( at least 3 slices on each plate) and then added a plate of desserts. Golden Correl and Ryan’s were treats but the behavior was the same there. 5 plates of food and then dessert. My favorite dessert was  a brownie topped with ice cream, hot fudge, carmel, sprinkles, oreo chunks, m&m’s, and gummy bears. Then my brother and I would pack a napkin of gummy bears to eat on the way home. After these trips I never felt good. Was always sick and never appreciated the food. But I’d still do the same thing the next time we went. At Waffle House, I ate the All Star by myself. I didn’t eat food to live, I lived to eat food.

Now as I am 50 lbs lighter and a lot smarter about health I realize that I do love food and that those special foods are ok, but once and a while. I know what my limitations are and I actually enjoy food more. I take time to chew and taste the flavor of my food instead of just devouring it.

I still have a lot more learning and growing to do. I still have 40 lbs to lose and after a month of staying the same I am kicking my butt back into gear. Treats are ok when done in moderation. Eating out is ok, when you watch proportions and incorporate exercise to burn those extra calories off.

Have you fallen into the American lifestyle or are you working your way out of it?



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