Newton’s First law of motion state’s this: 

“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion”

An outside force is usually needed to get something moving. For humans,motivation can come from a friend, mentor, family member, stranger or celebrity. But you have to be the force to cause yourself to move. While others may inspire or motivate you to move, you have to be the one to take the first step.

At the end of August, I could have simply said,that I was content with how I was living ( although inside I knew I wasn’t.) I could have said no thanks to Jody and Heather when they presented the challenge to me. I could have spent the next 6 months living like I had lived for most of my life, and continued gaining weight. But I decided to change. I decided to take the first step. 

That first step was the hardest. Going into a gym in which I knew 3 people and facing a trainer who was prepared to beat the fat out of me was the scariest thing. But I did it and I kept moving. Day in and out I was in the gym. I got stronger, I became harder to stop, I was in motion. The challenge provided motivation and rewards. It gave me a tool to push myself harder, because I knew I wanted to win. 

It wasn’t until I had won the challenge that I stopped moving. I slowed down. Wasn’t in the gym as much. I had no outside forces really pushing on me or challenging me. No, I had won. Now I had to finish on my own. The challenge was merely the beginning. It wasn’t the end. And while I had vocalized plans, I had stopped moving. In doing that, I made it harder for those plans to become actions. I reincorporated foods back into my diet that I ate in moderation but were things I knew were major no-no’s on the challenge. By doing that I spent 2 and a half months at the same weight. Working out just enough to stay there but never breaking through.

Last week I kicked myself back into motion. I realized then the goals I have for my life. I’m not maintaining weight right now, I am still losing. I have 40 lbs to go. I will remain in motion until my personal challenge is done.




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