Not your Mama’s Kind


No I don’t mean a three minute time out on the step, your nose in a corner, or even hunting for your switch.

The discipline I’m speaking of is the one no external force can change. It’s the discipline we all hold ( or lack) inside.

In August, I activated it. I spent 3 months focussed on completing the Biggest Loser Challenge. In the beginning, I was very lackadaisical. But by the end, no one could interfere with my mindset. Then something happened.

I won. I finished the challenge. I hit the emergency brakes and wasn’t moving anymore.

For the past 4 months I have stayed at the same weight. I work out to maintain, not to lose. I eat proper portions and still healthy but I’m nowhere near where I said I would be by this time of year. Why? Because I said I deserved a break. Many said it was just my body responding to losing so much in a short period. Many ok’d my behavior saying I earned it. Inside though, I knew I was capable of more.

I’m taking it one day at a time now. Due to some circumstances I may not be able to be in the gym but I know how to create one at home. I have all the weight on me that I need to get a solid workout. I’m making my meals again and even with me traveling this week, I will be prepared. I let outside forces affect something it should never have come between. Failing will only happen because I let it.




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