All the Little Things

Back in my beginning college days the one thing that would make your day better was something in your CPO (college post office for those who need clarification.) Seriously the smallest thing could brighten your day. Since we all knew this, my friends and I often would find ourselves sending each other various things just for the fun of it- just to make someone smile and know they are loved.

I remember getting candy and cards and even a small princess one day. All these little things were so significant then. They meant the world because it meant someone stopped for a moment and thought of me.

Often now I find myself getting wrapped up in the busyiness of this world. After leaving Berea (where the CPO love was) my relationship with many of those friends dwindled. And such is life considering that I was now 400 miles from them and I also didn’t leave on the best of terms. I still text those friends or drop a note on Facebook but it doesn’t seem to be the same. Those little things I thought so highly of before simply just became little things.

As we grow up, we learn that the little things fade away. In recent months I’ve given away or thrown out several things I use to cherish because the memory was no longer wrapped up in the thing but in my heart. I’m also learning that now the little things that fill my heart with joy are no longer things but special moments with friends, family, and with those whom God has placed in my life. Like the 5 minute soccer game with my pastor’s kids this afternoon after a hard working day of yard work. Or hearing this song being sung before bed by all the kids and their dad.

So don’t let your little things always be things. Make memories with life.




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