House lights dim, curtain draws back.

Flick camera on, check settings for the hundredth time.

Focus in as the lights come up, shake out the hand crap that’s already coming.

Hold your breath, no wait you need to breathe. Hold the shutter now, don’t shake the camera.

Zoom in and out, capture each girl. Their movement is changing, change shutter speed too.

The mood is changing, and there goes the lighting. Focus hard and pray you get that one shot.

The one shot of the girl leaping through air as the tempo changes. The one shot of her twirling across the stage as is the wind was blowing her. The one shot of the expression of a girl who is deep in the one form of worship she knows. The one shot of the 30 seconds she has in the whole show.

These are the jitters and thoughts that float through my head as I sit in the top row of the Grand and attempt to capture every dance in such a way that dancers will smile and parents will cry because their baby girl is even more grown up that they thought.

My stage is behind a lens and I’m usually the one no one sees. And while there are those moments of jitters that come and go, my stage is the one place that I feel at ease. It’s where I know I can go to worship God as I use the talent He gave me to capture the talents He gave to others.

My stage a camera, my performance the photos, my talent- photography.




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